Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Random thoughts on a sleepless night part : 2

Like the Fast and Furious movie franchise, I Thought of blogging about a needless sequel. Here I am at 2.05 in the morning with my eyes wide open wearing a sarong (yes you read it correctly. Guy wearing shorts is wearing a sarong. The reason for this is when you are in your awesome late 30s you seek comfort more than functionality plus the Sinhala Tamil New Year is coming up and practice makes perfect) sleepless on the bed. I am not the same person I was when I blogged the first “Random thoughts on a sleepless night”.  Now I am a father with added responsibilities 😀. That’s the biggest accomplishment that I have received as of yet in my life. 

Times have changed but these sleepless nights still brings out thought provoking questions that that needs answering. 
1) Some random article has named Sri Lanka as the top destination for solo female travellers. My question is why? It is still hard for a female to travel in public transport without an incident and I wonder how it is that safe for a “solo” “female” travellers to visit Sri Lanka as the top most destination. 

2) How have Arsenal gotten better at football? As an Arsenal fan I struggled to like a single player at the club from 2019-2022. But now I can’t find a player that I hate. All are really good chaps. But I still don’t see eye to eye with the fan base. There is still a thinking that local fans are supirior to the international fans. Plus the young international fan base is kind of annoying because they are easily triggered. 

3) Weird alert!!!! Is Pluto still a planet of the solar system of not? Very soon my kids are going to learn about the solar system and either going to agree that there are 9 planets in the solar system or not. What ever happens I hope I will know the correct answer when they question me. 

4) Why am I thinking of buying more hens? I currently have three and only one is laying eggs, but I’m going through social media posts on hens. I need a brain realignment. 

5) IT’S 2.28am AND I’M NOT EVEN YAWNING. Come on man, let’s sleep. I need to wake up tomorrow. I need recovery from the workout that I did. I can feel the lactic acid building up. 

6) Even though I used to think that Gen Z was absorbing American cultural trend like a dry piece of bread dropped in a bowl of water, I never realized that I have been influenced too. My fanaticism on CrossFit (which is fading away) plus my new found interest in Pickleball are both influenced by Uncle Sam. I think I’m eating humble pie. 

That’s all I got today. I’m just going to go and stare at the ceiling and imagine the solar system which includes Pluto going around the Sun. 

Good morning. 

Don’t die wondering. 

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